How to Participate

Participate in research interviews about the new Tampere Casino and your own gambling!

We are looking for people over 18 years of age from all over Finland, who gamble regularly for our new study “The new Tampere casino: Laying foundations for a longitudinal qualitative study on the impact on gambling behaviour, harm, and the community”. This is a unique longitudinal study in which we interview participants at three different times: in October to November 2021, at the end of 2022 and in 2024 – three years after the opening of the casino. The research is carried out by the University of Helsinki Research Center for Addiction, Control, and Governance (CEACG).

The interview questions asked deal with the participants’ own gambling and their views on current issues related to the casino and gambling in general. In addition to the interview questions, we also show a commercial by the Finnish gambling monopoly Veikkaus to initiate the discussion.

The interviews are arranged according to the participants’ schedules either face-to-face, by telephone or via a secure remote connection provided by the University of Helsinki. The interview will take about an hour. The interviews are recorded for the research analysis and treated as strictly confidential. The results of the study are reported in such a way that participants cannot be identified in any publication or report related to the study.

By participating in this study, you help us greatly in studying the effects the new casino in Tampere has on gambling and on the local community. Your participation is very valuable regardless of whether you play casino games or live in the Tampere region! As a gratitude for your participation, every participant receives a Lidl-shop gift card worth 20 euros.

If you are interested, please fill out this form.

We will contact all respondents to agree on the details for conducting the interviews.

If you have any questions about your participation, please feel free to contact us!