Modeling Meaning and Knowledge, Spring 2016

Special course “Modeling Meaning and Knowledge”

Mondays at 14.15-16.00

University of Helsinki, main building, Fabianinkatu 33 / Unioninkatu 34, hall IV


Jan 25 (14.15-16.00):
Complexity of meaning and knowledge
dynamic semiotics, prof. Pirjo Kukkonen
linguistic variation, prof. Terttu Nevalainen
Tutorial: A story of syntax, semantics and pragmatics from Syntax I to phenomenology and Google

Feb 1 (14.15-16.00):
Knowledge representation
networks of knowledge, prof. Eero Hyvönen (Aalto) (TBC)
spaces of knowledge, prof. Timo Honkela
Tutorial: An introduction to artificial intelligence

Feb 8 (14.15-16.00): Conceptual change
cognitive view, prof. Ismo Koponen
historical view, prof. Mikko Tolonen
Tutorial: Study of words and concepts – Qualitative and quantitative approaches

Feb 15 (14.15-16.00): Knowledge over language borders
prof. Jörg Tiedemann
prof. Liisa Tiittula
Tutorial: An intellectual obituary of Melissa Bowerman

Feb 22 (14.15-16.00): Interactive session
Tutorial: Independent component analysis of signals and texts

Feb 29 (14.15-16.00): From data to knowledge with machine learning
prof. Tapani Raiko (Aalto)
Tutorial: A history of machine learning and neural networks research

Mar 14 (14.15-16.00): Studying understanding and emotions
prof. Mikko Sams (Aalto)
prof. Arto Mustajoki
Tutorial: An introduction to ambiguity and vagueness

Mar 21 (14.15-16.00): Interactive session among participants

Apr 4 (14.15-16.00): Creating scientific knowledge as a social process
Dr. Arho Toikka
Tutorial: Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolutions and Gärdenfors’ Conceptual Spaces

Apr 11 (14.15-16.00): Understanding future and modeling creativity
Dr. Mikko Rask: Uncertain knowledge of the future
Prof. Hannu Toivonen: Automating literary creativity
Tutorial: Metaphors, analogies and conceptual blending

Apr 18 (14.15-16.00): Knowledge of society
prof. Mika Pantzar
Sakari Virkki (Competence Map Solutions)
Tutorial: Modeling evolutionary and dynamical systems

Apr 25 (14.15-16.00): Legal and wellbeing knowledge
Anna Ronkainen (TrademarkNow)
Dr. Krista Lagus
Tutorial: Text mining of document collections and social media discussions

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