SEESHOP 2019 was organized in Helsinki on July 11.-14.

SEESHOP participants enjoying the evening program in sunny Suomenlinna (Sea Fortress). 

Know Your Neighbour was honored to organize the SEESHOP 2019 conference in Helsinki. SEESHOPs originate from the research tradition of Studies on Expertise and Experience, and have been organized since 2007. The workshop covers a range of topics, including the nature of tacit knowledge, the use of interactional expertise and the importance of retaining a role for specialist expertise. Topics include work related to expertise & law/medicine/environment; trust/distrust of experts and science; interactional and contributory expertise; imitation game methodology and studies of different expert cultures/practices.

SEESHOP 2019 attracted 38 researchers from Europe, Northern and Southern America and Australia. In addition, the third day of the conference was open for the public. We had many interesting and thought-provoking conversations within the field of topics. Many thanks for all participants and members of audience!

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