Russia as an environmentally responsible energy superpower?

The latest issue of Baltic Rim Economics contains an article written by Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen and titled “Russia as an environmentally responsible energy superpower?”

Russian leadership argues, as do many European politicians and scholars, that Russia is only after stable markets relations and economic prosperity via energy exports and distribution businesses. The argument goes that Russia would not jeopardise its energy relations with the EU, the biggest customer, using energy as leverage for political goals. Regardless of how the international political might of Russia is eventually evaluated – in traditional military or in recently claimed resource or energy terms – it is clear that its political manoeuvring space has drastically changed since the 1990s. If 20 years ago Russia was living from hand-to-mouth, and was strongly dependent on buyers of its energy, today’s Russia has at least financially the potential to act as an Energy Superpower and to push forward its political agenda, accumulated energy wealth as its sinew.

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