Dmitry Yagodin’s comments in Helsingin Sanomat

A new article “Venäjällä monet tutkijatkin uskovat, että maailman lämpenemisen sijaan edessä on jääkausi” (Many researchers in Russia believe that there is an ice age lying ahead of the global warming) was published yesterday, 18th of November, in Helsingin Sanomat. The article discusses how climate change is covered in Russian media and what is the discussion around the issue in the country in general.

The author of the piece asked Dmitry Yagodin to comment on how the recent IPCC report was met in Russia. Dmitry said, that out of 50 newspapers, according to his calculations, only 5 have written about the report, and it was largely ignored in the TV-news. According to Yagodin, the situation is hampered by the fact that there are only 5 journalists in the whole country that are well familiar with the climate change issue. Another important reason for the indifference of media is a twofold nature of the attitude towards the issue in the country – while Russia signed the Paris Agreement and has not withdrawn from it like the USA, it still has not ratified it.

Full version of the article is available on Helsingin Sanomat website.