Tieteen päivät (The Science Forum)

The Science Forum (Finnish: Tieteen päivät) is a biennial science festival taking place in Helsinki, Finland. It is free and open to all visitors. The festival presents the latest research to the curious public and discuss the possibilities as well as the limits of science more broadly. This is where Finland’s leading scholars from various fields have a chance to introduce their branch of scholarship and the latest research results to a wide audience. The Forum includes debates, seminars, exhibitions, book sales and planetarium shows. Most of the lectures are held in Finnish or in Swedish.
Today Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen and Meri Kulmala are participating in the “Rohkeasti Venäjästä – itänaapurimme suuret haasteet” (Bravely about Russia – the big challenges of our Eastern neighbor) panel. They and two other researchers will discuss Russian challenges from different perspectives. Professor Tynkkynen will also chair the panel.

More information on the panel is available online.