Muutokset, katkokset ja jatkuvuudet itäisessä Euroopassa

Sakari Höysniemi has co-written with Sigrid Kaasik-Krogerus and Dragana Cvetanović the article “Muutokset, katkokset ja jatkuvuudet itäisessä Euroopassa” (Changes, breaks and continuity in Eastern Europe)  for the latest issue of Idäntutkimus.

In the article they give an overview of the 18th Aleksanteri Conference, organised at the University of Helsinki on 24-26 of October. The writers give account of the keynote speakers’ presentation and of the most interesting panels and events of the conference. Aleksanteri conferences always draw a large number of participants who present high quality research and have fruitful conversations during the event. Soon the call for the Aleksanteri Conference 2019 will be open, stay tuned.

The latest Idäntutkimus issue can be found online here.