Dmitry Yagodin in Berlin

This week our postdoctoral researcher Dmitry Yagodin is visiting Berlin, Germany. Today at the the Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS) there is an event “In conversation with… Dmitry Yagodin and Konstantin Kaminskij (Humboldt University of Berlin)”, which will discuss climate change discourse in Russia.

Climate change is a politicized issue in many countries. In Russia, the government denies the
anthropogenic causes of global warming, and is unwilling to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
Unlike in most other countries, the Russian public discourse also highlights positive effects of
climate change. Dmitry Yagodin, Postdoc at the University of Helsinki’s Aleksanteri Institute,
has been studying the Russian climate discourse and traces the roots of climate change denial at the national and regional levels. In his current work, he focuses on the case of Yamal, the arctic region in northwest Siberia, where the flagship of Russia’s fossil fuel industry is built on frozen ground that is beginning to melt.

Tomorrow, on 13th of February, Dmitry Yagodin will give a talk titled “Climate Change Communication in Russia” at the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany. The event is part of “Ökologische Kulturen im (post)sowjetischen Raum” (Ecological cultures of (post)Soviet space) series. More information can be found here.