Chance to weigh in on the development of a multidisciplinary sustainability course

Join the course development! A set of four parallel workshops will be organised in April and May. All the workshops have the same content.

University of Helsinki is planning its own multidisciplinary sustainability course for students of all faculties. As a part of the sustainability course development project HELSUS and HYPE are arranging a series of multidisciplinary development workshops (both in Finnish and English) which are, open to all staff members, regardless of their disciplinary background or area of research.

Workshop dates are (all have the same content):

• Mon 27.4.2020 from 9:00 to 11:00 (suomenkielinen työpaja, in Finnish)
• Tue 28.4.2020 from 9:00 to 11:00 (in English)
• Wed 6.5.2020 from 13:00 to 15:00 (suomenkielinen työpaja, in Finnish)
• Tue 12.5.2020 from 13:00 to 15:00 (in English)

The workshops explore the university community’s perceptions of what kind of knowledge or skills a student graduating from the University of Helsinki should have about sustainability. In the workshop, we will make proposals for learning objectives, such as key knowledge and skills, and core content for a joint sustainability course at the University of Helsinki.  We would like to invite everyone interested in developing the course to join one of our workshops – this is a great opportunity to have your say on the learning outcomes and core contents of the course.

Please sign up for one of the workshops through this link. All the workshops have the same content. We also kindly ask you to let us know at the time of registration whether the workshop can be recorded for research use.

The workshop will be conducted over Zoom – join the meeting via the link or through the calendar invite. We recommend using your PC, but if you’d rather use your mobile or tablet, the meeting ID is: 660-0324-1136

We have collected some useful/interesting workshop materials over on OneNote.

Topics covered in the workshops:

• Brief Introduction: What are the steps in the sustainability course planning process in spring 2020? What is sustainability? Examples of education for sustainable development.
• Brainstorming ideas (learning objectives for knowledge and skills) for the university-wide sustainability course
• Refining Your Ideas: What could be the most important learning objectives and core content of the sustainability course?
• Presentation and evaluation of proposals by group

For more information contact:
Rami Ratvio, university teacher, Ph.D., HYPE & HELSUS

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