Sustainability – Bringing people together

The registration for The Sustainability course’s working groups has now officially closed and we are happy to announce that staggering 160 persons registered for the teams! We are truly amazed of the interest the course development has gained; sustainability theme seems to bring people together!

Staggering 160 persons registered for the teams!

We got registrations from all faculties from the University of Helsinki, just as we wished. It is important to have interdisciplinary points of view in the development phase of the course since the course is open for all students in the University of Helsinki. We welcomed great variety of students (bachelors and masters), pHd students, staff members and staff members also from University services.

The first kick-off event is 18.9.! Things are getting real and 2021 coming closer: we are ready for the teams to get working!

Great to have so many people onboard!

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