Join the sustainability course to solve sustainability challenges and develop multidisciplinary sustainability education!  

Everyone needs to expand their knowledge base on sustainable development. Whether your passion is culture, politics or environmental protection, your solutions are needed more than ever. The University of Helsinki will start a new multidisciplinary course in the fourth period (15.3.-7.5, 2021). The course content will be developed during the pilot, so you will have a unique opportunity to develop the course and influence the future of sustainability education at the University.   

The course will introduce you to the complexity and multidisciplinarity of sustainability issues, along with their ethical and philosophical dimensions. The course will guide you to consider your role as a future professional and a member of society in solving sustainability issues, and provides you with tools for your own work. In addition, the course explores different perspectives of sustainability, like protecting different natural systems, climate change and fair energy transitions, and sustainable and healthy food systems. 

The course is an online course and is organized on the platform. The modules consist of online activities such as readings, videos, group discussions, data analysis tasks, quizzes, and project work. The pilot version is worth of 3 credits and the number of participants is limited.  

Please note, that in the pilot version some of the learning materials are in Finnish. 

Sustainable future is needing you! Read the course description and register in Weboodi More detailed instructions for completing the course will be sent to those who have registered for piloting by e-mail before the start of the course. The pilot version is for students at the University of Helsinki, but in the near future we will open the materials in the course area for self-study. 

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