Faculty of Pharmacy @ UH

The Faculty of Pharmacy at University of Helsinki conducts research on pharmaceutical drugs and services and provides a significant part of related education in Finland. The Faculty annually awards an average of 150 Bachelor, 50 Master and 15 Doctor of Science (Pharmacy) degrees to graduates who go on to work as specialists, researchers and managers in drug development and health care. Thanks to the professional relevance of the Faculty’s degrees, the graduates’ job prospects are excellent.

The Faculty focuses on the following areas of research: drug discovery, drug delivery, drug action and therapy, and pharmaceutical nanotechnology. The Faculty also conducts significant research in clinical pharmacy and pharmoeconomics.

The Faculty includes the Division of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, the Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, the Division of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy as well as the cross-disciplinary Drug Research Program.

Please visit us at: https://www.helsinki.fi/en/faculty-of-pharmacy