City Bikes

If you are into biking City bikes is also a good option to move around the city. Helsinki has an excellent cycling route network.

You can purchase a daily pass for 5€ or a weekly pass for 10€.

How to do it:

Pay for a daily, weekly or annual pass here.
You will be given a personal cyclist ID and a PIN code for collecting your bike.

Find the nearest available bike. You can see the stations and bike availability on a map here. Type the personal cyclist ID and a PIN code on the display. Wait for the beep and off you go!

You can do as many rides as you want, up to 30 minutes each. Extra charges apply for longer journeys. Adjust the saddle height, check the brakes and get going. Keep a good attitude and follow the traffic rules.

Return the bike to any city bike station. When the bike is secured to the rack and the bike says OK for a successful return process, your responsibility for the bike is over. You can return the bike to a station with no free space if “Return” can be chosen on the bike screen.