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AC: Analytical chemistry

AC -1 Electrospray-mass spectrometry based proteomics (Prof. Lisa Elviri) – CANCELED
AC-2 Vibrational spectroscopies and hyperspectral imaging: from theory to pharmaceutical and biomedical applications (Dr Ali Tfayli)

CP: Clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical care and pharmacoeconomics

CP-1 Methodologies in Medication Safety and Effectiveness Research (Prof. Marja Airaksinen)

DD: Drug design and discovery

DD-1 Novel generation drugs and therapies starting from unique molecules found in the biodiversity of mother nature (Jan Tytgat)
DD-2 Protein X-ray Crystallography in Drug Design (Prof. Sergei Strelkov) (2 DAYS)
DD-3 NATURAL PRODUCTS AS LEADS IN DRUG RESEARCH: Dereplication, Lead Discovery and Innovation (John Nielsen) (2 DAYS)
DD-4 Engineering Nature’s Drug Factories (Dr Joleen Masschelein)
DD-5 Fighting antimicrobial resistance – Novel tools and concepts in antimicrobial drug discovery (Dr Päivi Tammela)
DD-7 Computer-Aided Drug Design (Alessio Lodola)
DD-8 Recent Advances in Cancer Drug Design (Abdallah Hamze)
DD-10 Cancer Immunotherapy: the past the present and the future! (Vincenzo Cerullo) (2 DAYS)
DD-11 Prevention (and therapy) of cardiovascular disease in the post-statins era (Franco Bernini)
DD-12 Stereochemistry in Drug Synthesis and Development (Claudio Curti) (2 DAYS)
DD-13 Preclinical drug discovery in neuroscience (Timo Myöhänen)
DD-14 Workshop on Protein Structure Exploration in Drug Design and Discovery (Dr Shozeb Haider)
DD-15 Medicinal chemistry for non-chemists (Rasmus Prætorius Clausen and Lennart Bunch)

DT: Drug delivery and targeting

DT-1 Nanomedicines For Drug Delivery and Targeting Therapy (Hélder A. Santos)
DT-2 Drug-polymer interaction for macro-, micro- and nano- controlled oral delivery systems (Ruggero Bettini)
DT-3 Inhalation route for local and systemic delivery of biological drugs (Fabio Sonvico)
DT-4 Nanomedicine for skin and mucosal application (Silvia Pescina)
DT-5 Understanding Biological Barriers for Optimizing Drug Delivery (Gilles Ponchel)
DT-6 Formulation of protein pharmaceuticals (Marco van de Weert)
DT-7 Microfluidics for Pharmaceutical Applications: From Nano/Micro Systems Fabrication to Controlled Drug Delivery (Hélder A. Santos)
DT-8 Novel Drug Formulations for Tissue Regeneration (Mohammad-Ali Shahbazi and Mónica P. A. Ferreira)
DT-10 Drug transporters (Heidi Kidron)

EI: Environmental impact of pharmaceuticals

EI-1 Understanding the environmental footprint of drug development and use (Tiina Sikanen)

G: General skills

G-1 Phase IV clinical trials: Benefit and risk assessment of drugs in a real-world setting (Dr Li Wei)
G-2 Pharmaceutical policy and basic regulatory affairs (Lene Jørgensen)
G-3 Entrepreneurial skills for PhD students (Dr Mario Moustras)

PB: Pharmaceutical biotechnology

PB-1 Viral vectors and gene therapy: turning infectious viruses into a cure for genetic disorders (Prof. Rik Gijsbers)
PB-2 Biopharmaceuticals: From natural proteins to genetically and chemically modified derivatives (Stefano Bruno)
PB-3 Therapeutic Antibodies: From Bench to Clinic (Prof. Philippe Billiald)

PKPD: Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and drug safety

PKPD-1 Clinical Trial Simulations (Oscar Della Pasqua)
PKPD-2 Regenerative Pharmacology (Prof. Raimo K. Tuominen)
PKPD-3 Towards prediction of CNS drug distribution- blood-brain barrier transport and intrabrain distribution (Prof. Elizabeth de Lange)
PKPD-4 Introduction to PBPK (Ciaran Fisher, SIMCYP)

PT: Pharmaceutical technology

PT-1 Preformulation: physicochemical and biopharmaceutical profiling (Guy Van den Mooter)
PT-2 The iontophoretic approach: an innovative tool for drug delivery and non- invasive clinical monitoring (Patrizia Santi)
PT-3 Nanocrystals and amorphous formulation approaches – better solubility and bioavailability for brick dust drugs? (Leena Peltonen)
PT-4 Microfluidics in Pharmaceutical Sciences – from separation sciences and protein analysis to microphysiological models for drug delivery studies (Jörg P. Kutter)
PT-5 Quality by Design (QbD) in Drug Development (Prof. Jukka Rantanen)
PT-6 3D printing of pharmaceuticals (Prof. Jukka Rantanen)
PT-7 Biological evaluation of medical devices according to the European regulatory requirements (Dr Emile Jubeli)
PT-8 Physico-chemical tools – Understanding the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) (Anette Müllertz, Christel Bergström, Thomas Rades)