The idea of the blog

This is a course blog of two courses at the University of Helsinki in spring 2023: SOSM-YP334 Migration and Cities (Lecturer: Nilay Kılınç) and TUK-IST2621 Islam ja kaupunkitila (Lecturer: Riina Sinisalo).

Despite having a different focus – first course on migration and urban sociology and the latter with a specific focus on Islam in city spaces – both courses dwell into the topics such as immigration, globalisation, transnationalism, religious plurality, multiculturalism, belonging and urban transformations.

This blog is based on the students’ reflexive accounts of the fieldwork trip to Itäkeskus neighbourhood (Eastern Helsinki) on 13 February 2023. The students from both courses spent half a day in the mentioned neighbourhood, mainly in Puhos and Itis Shopping Malls and their surroundings as well as the Stoa Cultural Centre.

The blog posts by the students reflect their learning outcomes through combining theoretical knowledge with their empirical findings.

Photo of the main site: Tallinnanaukio, Itäkeskus by Jaana Maijala /