Supporting the employability of international graduates – join the UH International Alumni Network!

One of the hottest topics in Finland currently concerns internationalization. Attracting international talents and integrating them into the labour market and society at large is a key issue and the focus of many strategies. The University of Helsinki (UH) has offered Master’s Degree Programmes in English for a decade already, so we are very aware of the great potential of our international talents. The Career Services at UH have offered support with employability issues throughout the years (see blog)

But what more can UH do to support international students and alumni in building a career in Finland?  We know that one major hindering factor in the job search is the lack of relevant networks in the local society. Information shared through professional networks is essential when integrating into the labour market. Furthermore, we also want our alumni to keep in touch with us after graduating!

With this in mind, we met up with a group of graduates some weeks ago and decided to establish the University of Helsinki international alumni network. The aim of the network is to provide opportunities for students and alumni to meet, to share information and experiences as well as to take part in different activities. Read more about the Alumni Association and what membership entails.

The first get together is set for 22nd March at 5 pm. We will start with a general meeting where we develop the International Alumni Network and upcoming events for this spring and autumn. You are warmly welcome to participate and give your ideas and input! After the meeting alumni and students have an opportunity to network with other alumni at an event organized by the Alumni Association.

Registration for both events is mandatory. The link to registering is found on the event page.

For more information, please contact:

Career Services
Anna Storgårds,
02941 28492

Alumni Association
Pia Österman
029 412 4494





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