Geocritical Explorations, GIS-based literary analysis at MLA 2015

At the 130th Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association, Vancouver, a special session entitled “Geocritical Explorations inside the Text” will be organized, with several abstracts dealing with GIS-based literary analysis.


Following up on recent geogricitical explorations such as the collected volumes Geocritical Explorations and the volume Literary Cartographies, both edited by Robert Tally.  with some articles on city literature.

Recent applications of geographical technologies in literature include Gregory & Cooper’s article on GIS and Victorian literature and culture (2013).

[update] All feeding into what could be called the larger field of geohumanities, the advent of which is briefly touched upon here by Tim Cresswell.

Reminds me I have to take this volume off the shelf and start re-reading: GeoHumanities. Art, History, Text at the Edge of Place (Michael Dear et al. 2011).





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