Book Launch: “Narrative in Urban Planning” – 26 April 2023, Tampere


Lieven Ameel, Jens Martin Gurr, Barbara Buchenau 

April 26, 2023. 15h-16.30h, RJ108, School of Architecture, Hervanta Campus, Tampere University  

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15.15: opening words 

Lieven Ameel (TUNI), Jens Martin Gurr & Barbara Buchenau (University of Duisburg-Essen) 

15.25-15.50: commentaries 

“Narrative in planning” – commentator: Dalia Milián Bernal, architect and doctoral researcher (TUNI) 

“utopia”, “metaphor”, “model” – commentator: Juho Rajaniemi, Vice Dean for Education, professor of urban planning and design (TUNI) 

“rhythm”, “palimpsest”, “path-dependency” – commentator: Panu Lehtovuori, professor of planning theory (TUNI) 

15.50-16.30: Q&A, refreshments

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Lieven Ameel, Jens Martin Gurr & Barbara Buchenau: Narrative in Urban Planning: A Practical Field Guide. Transcript 2023. 

Published Open Access, March, 2023. 

Event organizers: TUNISchool of Architecture / Narrare Centre for Interdisciplinary Narrative Studies at Tampere University, Finland / History, Philosophy and Literary Studies Unit.

New Publication: “Narrative in Urban Planning: A Practical Field Guide”

What do planners need to know in order to use narrative approaches responsibly in their practice? What makes narratives coherent, probable, persuasive, even necessary – but also potentially harmful, manipulative and divisive? And how can narratives help to build more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive communities? This practical field guide makes insights from narrative research accessible to planners through a glossary of key concepts in the field of narrative planning. The authors are literary scholars who have extensive practical experience in planning practice, training planning scholars and practitioners or advising municipalities on how to harness the power of stories in urban development.  

This is the first book to synthesize the theory and practice of storytelling in urban planning into a usable handbook for practitioners. It makes available key insights both from research and from practical experience in training planners and in working with municipalities. The emphasis is on accessibility and applicability: in clearly structured entries, this practical field guide defines key concepts, provides examples and illustrations, and discusses possible applications. The book aims to allow a practitioner in the middle of a project to quickly look up a relevant key concept, but also to provide pointers to in-depth research.  

Book details and link:  

Lieven Ameel, Jens Martin Gurr & Barbara Buchenau: Narrative in Urban Planning:A Practical Field Guide. Transcript 2023.  

Published Open Access, March, 2023:  

Many thanks to co-authors Jens Martin Gurr and Barbara Buchenau for a truly inspiring collaboration over several years on this book! I am grateful also to colleagues at Aalto University, Turku Institute for Advanced Studies, and Tampere University (Narrare, in particular). We also would like to express our gratitude to the students who attended our various seminars, workshops and guest lectures about narratives in the context of planning – your genuine interest and questions have provided inspiration, food for thought, and important reference points for our work.