SITSPOT – Hidden Sounds: Eco acoustics of the anthropocene at Vallisaari, Helsinki, Finland

Text, pictures and audio by Joost Van Duppen

Vallisaari May, 26 2018 – #Resist Like A Forest

We chose a place where we observed the environment daily at the same time for half an hour by researching macro & microscopic relations between natural & human elements.

Vallisaari, despite being a nature reserve, is disturbed by many human activity that are not immediately audible and visible to our senses.

In the graphic representation you can see the contrast between human and natural activity.

There is a clear low frequency around 100Hz, this is probaly due to the heavy engines of boats. Here after you can listen to 10 minutes binaural sound recording.

View from sitspot – Buildings reflect sound, trees create depth


Sound Spectrum 1 – The nightingale and seagull dominate the other bird sounds.


Sound Spectrum 2 – The neighboring island is an military area and does almost daily shooting exercises. Ferries and pleasure boats covers the background sound.
View from sitspot – Sailing boats are quiet and peaceful


Sound Spectrum 3 – Flying Swan on their way, pleasure boats and planes covers the landscape


Sound Spectrum 4 – Every half hour a ferry arrives with a dozen tourists who visit the natural wonders on the island


View from sitspot – Ferns regain their growth after a cloudy day
Sound Spectrum 5 – Insects and birds are more active, the last geese left to the north, the summer has begun, more tourists will visit Vallisaari


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