Here are some links to resources on the topics discussed during the Think Like a Forest camp. The full resource pack prepared by JJ and Isa can be found here in pdf format.

Lecture materials



More detailed descriptions of these, including lots of additional links and resources, are provided in the full resource pack.

  • Actipedia: An open-access, user-generated database of creative activism.
  • Artists & Climate Change: A blog tracking artistic work about climate change and gathering them in one place.
  • Beautiful Trouble: A toolbox for revolution. Principles, tactics, examples, and ideas for creative activism.
  • The Bioart Society: Association developing, producing and facilitating activities around art and natural sciences in Finland.
  • Brandalism: An international collective of artists that intervene into ad spaces and replace the advertisements with ‘subvertisements’.
  • Center for Political Beauty: German group doing spectacular (and controversial) performative and media actions around migration.
  • Critical Art Ensemble: Collective exploring the intersections between art, critical theory, technology, and political activism.
  • Enmedio: A group of image professionals studying connections between art and social action.
  • The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination (LABOFII): Collective creative disobedience, aiming to go beyond representation and observation and find a way of merging art, science, and activism.
  • Liberate Tate: A network dedicated to taking creative disobedience against Tate Modern until it drops its oil company funding.
  • Loldiers of Odin: Clown patrol promoting intergalactic peace, playfulness, open-mindedness and safer streets for all individuals, whether they are feeling grumpy or not.
  • The 12 core principles of permaculture introduced during the course.
  • Radical Mycology: An organization and grassroots movement raising awareness around the importance of mushrooms and other fungi for increasing the health of humans and the environment.
  • Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping: Anti-consumerist performance community based in New York City.
  • Seeds for Change: Provides training and online resources on campaigning, collective organising and consensus decision making.
  • The Space Hijackers: Former group of “anarchitects” retaking public space in the UK.
  • Tools for Action: A network of artists and activists giving skill-share workshops in the manufacture of inflatable sculptures and how to use them for political actions.
  • Training for Change: Capacity building organization for activists and organizers, supporting groups taking direct action.
  • Whirl-Mart: Actions of non-shopping; pushing empty shopping carts around in a large superstore.
  • The Yes Men: Activists impersonating companies and organizations to raise awareness of issues related to the corporate takeover of our society.
  • Zad Forever: A collectively authored blog bringing together dispatches from la zad of Notre Dame de Landes, France, a liberated territory against an airport and its world.
  • Ztohoven: A Czech group that e.g. hacked TV weather forecasts with a fake nuclear bomb explosion.