Terveisiä Italiasta – haastattelussa Jordan Piščanc

Jordan Piščanc Triesten yliopistosta vietti maaliskuun lopulla viikon Erasmus-vaihdossa tutustuen verkkopalveluihimme. Kysyimme Institutional Repositoryn parissa työskentelevältä Jordanilta (kuvassa oikealla), mitä vietävää vierailusta jäi.

Why did you choose our library?

Let me say that I knew well your IR Helda Repository and fortunately I found Joonas (Kesäniemi, kuvassa vasemmalla) who works at HULib on a similar position like me and has similar interests. And our university has an Erasmus agreement with your university…and so one.. and so one.. :).

What were the objectives of your visit?

To have a  week to study, learn, try, develop and work on one specific topic: Open Linked Data. Working also with a person that has my similar skills and IT background. Let me say that for me (but if I understand fine: also Joonas) it was very important to have such a week of “full immersion” in one single topic. Because my everyday work didn’t permit me to have such week where I could concentrate on a single “topic/problem”.

Activities you carried out during your exchange period?

Before I came we with Joonas already focused on the topic we will study/develop/test during the “Erasmus” week. So our main activity was studying and developing a prototype of a Linked Data consumer/provider for the DSpace software that we both use for our Institutional Repository.

Joonas  taught me also the base of the Semantic Web concepts. I had also the opportunity to talk with other colleagues sharing their and our experience on administering, using and publishing with the DSpace software on our Institutional Repositories.

What new ideas did you take back to your home institution?

Let me say that the work we started at Helsinki is a great prototype where we both could continue develop further. After returning to my home Institution I have prepared a report that I exposed to some of our colleagues of the Library System but not only. In fact one of our department than contacted me to start think about a project for an Open Linked Data repository. So for me and also for our Institution my Helsinki experience was very important and I also hope that we could go on on the project we just started.

Would you recommend the mobility program to other librarians?

Yes obviously! It was great staying at HULib and in Helsinki. Great people working there..very nice place, very well organized.. So everything was really nice and fine.