VFS Seminars 2014-2015

Thursday April 16th at 14-15

Speaker Dr. (Agric. Econ), Principal Research Scientist Terhi Latvala

Title: Identifying future challenges of the organic milk supply chain: Future Workshop Approach

Thursday March 19th, at 14-15

Speaker: Professor Christel Lamberg-Allardt
Topic: Challenges in data collection for vitamin D research in different population groups

Thursday February 26th, at 14-15

Speaker: PhD Outi Mäkinen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Title : Milk without the moo – the science and technology of plant-based dairy substitutes

outi mäkinen (in English)

Friday January 30th at 13:00

Speaker: Professor Andrea Bauer, Hamburg University of Applied Science, Germany
Title: Factors causing sensory variation in Riesling wines from different terroirs

andrea-bauer  (in German)  haw-hamburg  (in English)

Thursday January 15th, at 14.00.

Speaker: PhStudent Paulina Deptula
Title: Insight into the mechanisms of cobalamin production and its regulation in Propionibacterium freudenreichii by comparative genomics and proteomics

Thursday December 11th 2014, at 14.00

Speaker: PhD Kevin Deegan
Title: A novel pre-treatment for cheese production: Biochemistry, sensory perception and consumer acceptance

Thursday November 6th together with the guests from Wageningen University.

14.00-14.15  Prof. Maija Tenkanen − Introduction of the Department of Food and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki (UH)
14.15-14.30         Food protein oxidation and interactions – Göker Gürbüz
14.30-14.45         The oxidative degradation of barley β-glucan by ascorbic acid and hydrogen peroxide – Noora Mäkelä
14.45-15.00         Natural fortification of vitamin B12 in food matrices using propionibacteria – Bhawani Chamlagain

15.00-15.45         Tour around the facilities

15.45-16.00         Break (with fruits and juices)

16.00-16.15         Prof. Harry Gruppen − Introduction WUR/FCH
16.15-16.30         In planta modification of potato pectin – Jie-Hong Huang
16.30-16.45         Mild disclosure of polyphenols and enzymes from tea leaves – Annewieke Verloop
16.45-17.00         How mushrooms feed on sugars – Edita Jurak

17.00-18.00         Break and poster session (with coffee & tea))

18.00-18.15         Closing

Thursday October 2nd 2014, at 14:00

Meat Science PhDstudent Jiao Liu.
Title: The influence of protein denaturation on water-holding capacity in pork