HU and WU 6.11.2014

POSTERS in poster session at 5 pm, EE-building 2nd floor


Araya-Cloutier Carla: Structure-activity relationships of prenylated isoflavonoids as antibacterial compounds

Broxterman Suzanne: Changes of cell wall structures during the (novel) processing of fruit and vegetables in relation to texture

Cardoso Hugo: Maillard glycation of proteins

Deng Yuxi: Non-chromatographic separation of proteins using free flow electrophoresis

Dhayal Surender: Cross-linked food proteins as hierarchical biopolymers

Difilippo Elisabetta: Immuno-modulating properties of oligosaccharides from various sources

Fangjie Gu: Structure and function of prebiotic carbohydrates

Frommhagen Matthias: Enzymatic de-anchoring of hemicellulose from lignocellulosic biomass

Huang Jie-Hong: In planta modification of potato pectin

Jurak Edita: How mushrooms feed on sugars

Kiskini Alexandra: Development of mild disclosure and fractionation techniques for isolation of proteins from sugar beet leaves

Lech Frederik: Formation and stability of interfaces in complex foods

Mouthier Thibaut: Cracking the recalcitrance of xylan in lignocellulosic biomass using enzymes and intrinsic chemical catalysts

Murciano-Martinez Patricia: Process development for the production of C3-Acids from lignocellulosic feedstocks

Reitsma Marit: Improvement of diagnostic methods for allergy assessment

Rösch Christiane: Characterisation of dietary fibre and investigation of their metabolic fate in the human large intestine

Schans van de Milou: Structure-activity relations of prenylated isoflavonoids with respect to binding affinity for estrogen receptors

Teuling Emma: Proteins from green sources for use in both food and fish feed

Tian Lingmin: Increase of feed efficiency by specific carbohydrates

Verloop Annewieke: Mild disclosure of polyphenols and enzymes from tea leaves

Vissers Anne: Oxidative reactions during isolation of proteins from leaves and seaweed in relation to animal feed


Alakalhunmaa Suvi, Parikka K, Willför S, Salmén L, Mikkonen KS. Aerogel formation by crosslinking softwood polysaccharides

Chamlagain Bhawani, Deptula P, Edelmann M, Kariluoto S, Varmanen P, Lacroix C, Piironen V. Screening of propionibacteria to study the effect of potential precursors on vitamin B12 production in supplemented whey permeate

Damerau Annelie, Nyström L, Timo Moisio T, Lampi A-M, Piironen V. Lipid stability of rye bran extrudates during storage

Deptula Paulina , Chamlagain B, Sangsuwan P, Paulin L, Koskinen P, Kylli P, Edelmann M, Öhman T, Kariluoto S, Smolander O-P, Savijoki K, Nyman TA, Auvinen P, Piironen V, Varmanen P. Exploring Mechanisms of Cobalamin (vitamin B12) Production by Propionibacterium freudenreichii

Edelmann Minnamari, Kariluoto S, Korhola M, Nyström L, Sontag-Strohm T, Piironen V. Natural enhancement of folate by microbes in cereal matrices.

Ghafar Abdul, Suuronen J-P, Serimaa R, Tenkanen M, Parikka K, Mikkonen KS. Three-dimensional imaging of polysaccharide aerogels by synchrotron microtomography

Gürbüz Göker, Heinonen M. LC-MS Investigations on interactions between lipid oxidation product malondialdehyde and isolated beta-lactoglobulin peptides

Susanna L. Heikkinen, Jacquemin L, Pontalier P-Y, Rouilly A, Tenkanen M. Extruded sheets from wheat bran extracts

Huang Xin, Kanerva P, Salovaara H, Sontag-Strohm T. Modification of celiac peptides and protein by non-enzymatic oxidation

Jiang Zhong-qing, Pulkkinen P, Wang Y-j, Lampi A-M, Stoddard F, Salovaara HO, Vieno Piironen V, Tuula Sontag-Strohm T. Optimizing thermal pre-treatments of faba beans

Juvonen Minna, Kotiranta M, Jokela J, Tuomainen P, Tenkanen M. The multiple-stage mass spectrometry method for structural identification of cereal-based arabinoxylooligosaccharides

Koivumäki Tuuli, Heinonen M. Gut Metabolites of Aronia Juice Anthocyanins and Other Phenolics

Lehtonen Mari, Lampi A-M, Riuttamäki M-A, Piironen V. Primary oxidation of steryl esters in a lipid matrix

Liu Jiao. Effect of temperature incubation on sarcoplasmic protein precipitation, calpain activity and meat quality in porcine muscle

Mäkelä Noora, Sontag-Strohm T, Maina NH. The macromolecular properties of oxidized (1-3)(1-4)-beta glucans

Poutanen Marjo, Koivumäki T, Gurbuz G, Wang B, Heinonen M. peptide oxidation anaysis with HPLC and LC-MS

Pulkkinen M, Lampi A-M, Damerau A, Järvinen L, Piironen V. SPME-GC-MS – Method optimisation and applications in different grain matrices

Ramos Diaz Jose Martin, Kirjoranta S, Lampi A-M, Penttilä P, Serimaa R, Jouppila K. Effect of humidity exposure on lipid oxidation of extrudates containing amaranth, quinoa and kañiwa

Ramos Diaz Jose Martin, Rinnan Å, Jouppila K. Application of NIR imaging to the study of expanded snacks containing amaranth, quinoa and kañiwa

Seppä Laila, Varis J, Tahvonen R, Tuorila H. Heritability of the sensory characteristics of apples – a case study with traditional cultivars and new crosses

Shi Qiao, Shukla S, Maina N, Juvonen M, Goyal A, Tenkanen M. Characterization of dextran and glucooligosaccharides produced by Weissella confusa Cab3 dextransucrase