VFS Seminars 2015-2016


SEMINARS in Academic year 2015-2016
Place: Lecture room 11-12 (EE-building 2nd floor)


Thursday September 10th, at 14.00.

Speaker: Zhongqing Jiang
Title: Studies on oats and faba beans

Thursday October 8th at 14:00 

Speaker: Dr Leena Pitkänen
Title: Macromolecular characterization of high-molar mass polysaccharides and proteins

Thursday October 29th at 15:00 (note the time!)

Speaker: Professor Peter Fischer, ETH Zürich
Title: Gut bacteria adhesion investigated by interfacial rheology


homepages of Professor Peter Fischer:

Thursday December 3rd at 14-15

Speaker: Professor Fred Stoddard
Title: Emerging protein crops for the Nordic region
Place: Lecture room 11-12 (EE-building 2nd floor)


Thursday January 21st at 14-15

Speaker: Dr Kirsi Mikkonen
Title: Touring the world for multidisciplinary science and novel methods: How to survive research visits
Place: Walter Hall

Monday February 1st at 14-15  (NOTE: MONDAY)

Speaker: Professor Toshiro Matsui, Kyushu University Japan
Title: Intestinal absorption of bioactive compounds
Place: Lecture hall B6

Thursday February 18th at 14-15

Speaker: University lecturer Raisa Valve
Title: Food services, case: elderly people
Place: Lecture room 11-12 (EE-building 2nd floor)

Thursday March 17th at 13-14 (NOTE: TIME!)

Speaker: Post-doctoral Researcher Jose Martin Ramos-Diaz
Title: Andean and Finnish grains: Latest trends in the development of extruded snacks
Place: D-hall


Welcome to the seminars! Coffee and tea will be served before the seminars (except 1.2.2016)!

If you have any questions or ideas don’t hesitate to e-mail me: laila.seppa@helsinki.fi