1. Send follow-up form of your ExpREES studies or equivalent information by email to the coordinator at least one month before actual graduation.

2. The ExpREES will then send you a certificate and a study register of your studies in the Master’s School. Add this certificate to your graduation application and ask your faculty’s study secretary if a brief statement can be included to your diploma:
“Master studies include X ECTS of multidisciplinary studies completed at Finnish Master’s School in Russian and Eastern European Studies”.

3. Send to the ExpREES coordinator:

  • one copy of your master’s thesis and its abstract (if your thesis is classified, add the information of its duration)
  • Other than UH’s students: A signed online publication agreement via mail or scanned via e-mail for registration of your thesis into University of Helsinki’s electronic archive HELDA AND your thesis in pdf-format. This is voluntary, but highly recommended. Publishing the thesis in the E-thesis service brings visibility to your work and makes it more accessible. Your work may be of interest to others! See more here.
  • If your email address changes after graduation, tell us your new address so we can contact you also after graduation.

4. Fill in electronic evaluation form.

5. Tell your graduation day to the coordinator.