How to Apply?

Are you planning to do your Master’s at a Finnish University? Would you like to specialize in Russia and Eastern Europe?

Apply for Russian and Eastern European Study program at Aleksanteri Institute! The application starts in January and ends on 31st March.

The Aleksanteri Institute at the University of Helsinki coordinates a network of 12 Finnish universities. ExpREES offers a multidisciplinary, 2-3 years study programme suitable for students of various disciplines from humanities to business and technology, that gives you an advantage in pursuing diverse positions in the academia, public administration and business life.You will get to be part of nation-wide ExprEES network, and still graduate from your own university and faculty.

ExpREES offers:

  • Access in the ExpREES courses offered by network universities
  • Support for travel costs to enable your participation in the courses
  • Special courses at Aleksanteri Institute
  • Thesis seminars to give additional support in writing your master’s thesis
  • Interesting intensive courses and web courses, as well as excursions and exchange studies
  • Important networking with other experts


  • You are planning to enroll as an MA student in one of the universities in the ExpREES network
  • You have finished or about to finish your BA studies
  • Plans to write your master’s thesis about a Russia/Eastern Europe related topic
  • Strong motivation to take studies in the ExpREES programme
  • Knowledge of Russian or other East European language is taken as an advantage, but not required

Application period will start in January and end by 31st of March. During the application period, the active application form will be found here. In addition  to that, the applicant is asked to send a support letter by mail or email.

Contact person:
Hanna Peltonen
tel. +358 50 331 98 94
hanna.o.peltonen [at]

The network will enroll ca. 40 students to ExpREES study program. The results of the application process will be announced by 20 May.

Network universities: Aalto University, University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, University of Jyväskylä, University of Lapland, Lappeenranta University of Technology, University of Oulu, Hanken School of Economics, University of Tampere, University of Turku, University of Vaasa, Åbo Akademi University