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Freie Universität Berlin Russia/Eastern Europe Online courses

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Freie Universität Berlin Russia/Eastern Europe Online courses

Students of Aleksanteri Institute are offered eight (8) online courses by the Freie Universität Berlin. The instruction is in English. Due to the heavy workload of the courses (8 ECTS) we are looking for highly motivated students. Thus the selection procedure is conducted via application. Please fill the application from here and attach to it a short (max 200 words) letter of motivation.

NB: You can transfer the credits directly to ExpREES or ECEBB Studies. Ukrainian Studies students, please turn to Director of Educational programs concerning transfer of credits.

Starting on January 2018, deadline for applications 31 October

The course gave in-depth knowledge about the concept of Eastern Europe. During the course multidisciplinary approach was implemented in the search of answers to questions, such as current political and social trends in the region, as well as changes in the region. The course included a lot of independent work, as for the assignments (essays, discussion etc.) one had to study and apply the knowledge of lectures and research articles. The work load was reasonable and depended on the time used for the assignments and essays.
-Participant of the “Eastern Europe: A Dissolving Concept?” module, spring 2015



Kaukasia-opinnot Malmön yliopistossa

Malmön korkeakoulu tarjoaa mielenkiintoisia Kaukaasiaan liittyviä verkkokursseja, jotka voidaan sisällyttää VIExpert -opintoihin: “Caucasus Studies includes a range of area courses with a focus on the Caucasus region. All courses are offered exclusively online with instruction in English. There are no mandatory seminars or lectures on campus.”

Caucasus studies I
Includes the following four course modules:

  • Introduction to Caucasus Studies
  • History of the Caucasus
  • A language of the Caucasus
  • Post-Soviet developments in the Caucasus

Caucasus Studies II
Includes the following four course modules:

  • State and nation building in the Caucasus
  • Conflicts and conflict resolution in the Caucasus
  • Peoples and languages in the Caucasus
  • The Caucasus region: causes and consequences of migration

Caucasus Field and Case Studies (Kevät 2018)

You can find more information here: Caucasus Field and Case Studies

Haku:  Hakuaika syksyn 2018 opintoihin on päättynyt. Kevään 2019 hakuajan takaraja on 15.10.2018. Jos kursseilla on tilaa, mukaan voi mahdollisesti hakea myöhemminkin.