Student Contact Personnel


It is important that ExpREES programme is visible at all its member universities. For this reason from 2007 students are included into marketing and developing of the ExpREES. Student contact personnel is an important part of ExpREES activities and their duties are for example:

  • to act as a contact person to ExpREES students at home university.
  • to help with marketing of ExpREES programme especially in the spring semester when applications for new students are in progress (February and March) and with gathering of courses from home universities for study guide (April).
  • participate in developing of ExpREES by giving feedback from student’s point of view. Development meetings with ExpREES staff are organized once or twice a year.

Student Contact Personnel 2018-2019:

  • Karoliina Kujala, Miila Leisiö and Anton Pehkonen/ Aalto-university
  • Iina Schwanck, Elisa Minkkinen and Mira Ruokolainen / University of Helsinki
  • Johannes Kosonen / University of Eastern Finland
  • Tuomas Kallio, Christina Keronen and Katariina Murtolahti / University of Jyväskylä
  • Siiri Oinas-Panuma and Janette Peltokorpi / University of Lapland
  • Pietari Keskinen / Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology
  • Maija Pellinen and Iita Tiusanen / University of Oulu
  • Heli Hiltunen, Senja Matilainen, Eero Miettinen and Elsa Osipova/ Tampere University
  • Riku Rantanen / University of Turku
  • Jonas Danker / Åbo Akademi

Student contact person is a position of trust. Assignment offers a lot of benefits and also some fun. The student contact person can have a glance into the administrative side of ExpREES and gets experience on network cooperation work. Assignment offers also a reference.

In the end of the spring semester many of the student contact persons graduate, which means that the above list isn’t necessarily up-to-date. New student contact persons will be mainly recruited in the Orilampi summer school, but you can also contact our coordinator directly, if you are interested in working as a student contact person.