Registration to Network Courses

Most of the ExpREES network’s courses require pre-registration. In case the course is held in your home university, you will register to it as you would to any other course. The information about the deadline for registration and how to do it case of each course is given in the study-guide. Usually registration to courses outside your home-univeristy is done via E-form.  In case less than five students register, the course is canceled. Remember to register and inform about possible cancellation.

The ExpREES staff will pass the information about the E-form registrations the teacher of the course. Responsible teachers will then contact the student coming from other universities. Sometimes contacting at this point is not necessary, and students are expected to be present on the first lecture anyway after they have registered.

In some cases the faculties have asked the students to register via JOO-agreements. This is not necessary though, for the ExpREES students’ right to participate on the course is based on bilateral agreements between Aleksanteri Institute and partner universities.

Should you have any questions considering the course-registration, please contact ExpREES study-coordinator Hanna Peltonen (hanna.o.peltonen[at] Let the coordinator know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your registration.