The ExpREES students take at least 25 ECTS from within the list of courses. The Summer School is an obligatory module. Other joint modules for all students in the programme include seminars intended to support work on the Master’s thesis (2-4 ECTS), yearly online course on timely research done at Aleksanteri Institute (5 ECTS) and optional modules designed to support development of expertise and study skills on Russia and Eastern Europe and to deepen methodological and theoretical understanding required for studying the area. In addition to these joint modules, students choose optional courses that will allow them to accumulate the designated 25 ECTS.

The goal of the Expertise in Russian and Eastern European Studies (ExpREES) is to educate students who intend to become experts with profound knowledge in both their own discipline and in Russian and Eastern European affairs. Those who accomplish their studies and obtain their MA are competent to act in different organizations as well as in the field of research. The multidisciplinary approach will help to perceive the large scale of the history, contemporary conditions, and the future of the region. The network of expertise combines the strength and specialization of different universities, as it is self-evident that no university can offer such a comprehensive program on its own.

The studies in the ExpREES constitute a substantial part of the MA degree. It is important to remember that the Aleksanteri Institute will not grant degrees, but the student remains as a student of his/her home university and will obtain the degree there. Therefore, only students who already have got the right to study in some university of the network are eligible for the ExpREES.

Besides the courses offered by the universities, the Aleksanteri Institute organises special thematic seminars focused on supporting the process of thesis writing. It also offers intensive courses with leading scholars from both Finland and abroad as lecturers. In addition, the ExpREES offers students new possibilities in the supervision of theses, international exchanges and internships.

Students who are about to obtain or who recently have been granted their Master Degrees and who are interested in starting their doctoral studies should check further information on how to apply to the Finnish Doctoral Programme for Russian and East European Studies.

The registration of course credits through Aleksanteri Institute

Passed courses are registered in WebOodi, the course tool system of the University of Helsinki, by the coordinator of the ExpREES.