Personal Study Plan

Personal Study Plan, PSP, is guidance through many of the study possibilities at ExpREES. PSP functions as study manuscript: it is wise to plan studies in advance and think, how and on which fields you want to improve your knowledge and how can ExpREES courses assist you in reaching your goals.

Students of ExpREES make their PSPs online at You can login with your university account via HAKA-network. The name of the Moodle domain is “Venäjän ja itäisen Euroopan asiantuntija opinnot”. Course registration will require password which will be send to you by ExpREES coordinator. You can update your PSP whenever you complete new courses but it is wise to copy it also to your own computer or memory stick.

Before the start of the studies students should explore available courses and think which of them meet their interests. In addition everyone needs also courses which further widen their knowledge of fields and countries of interest: finance and management student can find interesting knowledge in courses of legal science, language student in management courses and courses which discuss culture and society are without a doubt useful to all. It is wise to select courses of your interest and develop a unique expertise, not only complete minimum requirements of ExpREES programme.

PSP should be realistic. The progress of the studies are student’s own responsibility. It is up to student how he or she will manage ExpREES. Some study intensively and complete the programme in a year, others may need three or more years.

For ExpREES students is also possible to get username to reach University of Helsinki’s web services, such as Moodle. Click here for more instructions: