Thesis Seminars and Guidance

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ExpREES offers the students thesis seminars designed to support the writing process of the Master’s thesis.

ExpREES thesis seminar is an obligatory part of ExpREES studies, but in can be substituted by a course from theme other than student’s own discipline. The purpose of the seminar is to assist the thesis writing process. Please note that the ExpREES thesis seminar does not replace the obligatory thesis seminars offered by student’s home department.

ExpREES Studies can also assist with the search for relevant research data and reference material. In addition, if the aid of foreign experts is required or if the student needs access to foreign archives, the student can apply for support and funding by formulating a free-form application. The instructions for the application can be requested from the Director of the ExpREES Tapani Kaakkuriniemi.

Thesis seminars for the academic year 2018-2019

ExpREES thesis seminar (2 to 4 ECTS)

ExpREES thesis seminar Seminar is intended for all students and it gives a possibility for productive, interdisciplinary discussion. The seminar requires active involvement of all participants .

Seminar’s purpose is to give additional guidance to the students especially by providing expertise on Russia and Eastern Europe. In the meetings students presents their research plans or a parts of the master thesis, and comment on all the other papers actively.

The first seminar in the academic year 2018-2019 will be in September 2018 after which the seminar gathers on a monthly basis. The supervisors of the seminar are researchers from the Aleksanteri Institute, Katalin Miklóssy and Katri Pynnöniemi. Attending the seminar in the autumn or spring term grants 2 ECTS and both terms 4 ECTS. Please register to the seminar of the autumn term by 31st of August using this link.

Student may choose to replace the ExpREES thesis seminar by doing a course worth at least 3 ECTS from another field of science that students own.

Personal Master’s Thesis Guidance

If required ExpREES offers additional guidance for students writing their master’s thesis. The guidance is additional to that offered by the student’s home department. The main purpose of this additional guidance is to improve the expertise on the ExpREES area of the thesis.

In order to find the right instructor we ask students who require further thesis assistance to submit a 200-300 word abstract of the thesis. Abstract should make clear where guidance is required (for example: the writing process of the thesis, theories, methods, further knowledge on Russia or other Eastern European countries). The abstract can be sent to the coordinator of ExpREES Studies (hanna.o.peltonen [at]

Counseling is intended as additional support for the student’s thesis. Counseling is not part of the instructor’s teaching or work requirements, for this reason, the instructors counsels the student within the limits of their timetable. In order for the counseling to succeed we require the students to take an active role in the counseling, such as producing texts for further commenting and presenting important questions or issues that have arisen.

We recommend that students receiving counseling through the ExpREES notify their departments about this. Please print the attached letter for the departments and give it to the instructor of your thesis or the director of your department and return the signed letter to the coordinator of ExpREES to this address:

Hanna Peltonen
PL 42
00014 Helsingin yliopisto