Travel Support


Travelling in Finland

ExpREES covers travelling expenses of students attending courses offered by network universities. The expenses of summer schools or excursions in Finland will not be covered by ExpREES funds.

The expenses will be covered as follows:

  • Travelling from place of residence (or closer) to courses will be covered by actual expences; meaning that if you live in Tampere, but travel to Helsinki from somewhere further than Tampere, ExpREES will compensate for costs of Tampere-Helsinki-Tampere journey, but if you travel from somewhere nearer, the actual cost of the journey will be compensated.
  • ExpREES compensate travel expenses using the cheapest means of transportation in full. If you use your own car, ExpREES will compensate the price of train or bus fare. ExpREES covers 50% of accommodation costs, but 21€/person/night at the most.
  • If student attends course, which is held weekly, at the most six return fares will be compensated. The budget for calendar year 2019 is 250€/student.
  • The compensation of costs of travel in local transport are a matter of discretion, keeping the distance to university in mind.

The compensation of other than course journeys (for example data gathering) should be agreed in advance with ExpREES coordinator.

Travelling costs will be paid retrospectively after travel expense form with all the original receipts has been filled, scanned and sent as a single pdf-file to coordinator Hanna Peltonen ( Do not forget your signature and account number! If you do not have original receipt (for example mobile ticket), send a copy of bank statement, where the cost of travel is itemized.

Send travel receipts immediately after journey or two months after it at the latest. If travelling expenses are delivered later, a signed clearance of the reasons for delay must be included. Late travel expenses cannot be performed without signed clearance. If the course lasts over two months, several travel expense should be made, so that more than two months does not go by from the first journey.

Travelling aborad

If research data gathering or participation in scientific conference require travelling abroad, part of the expenses may be covered from ExpREES funds. This needs to be discussed in advance with the coordinator.