What is ExpREES?


Expertise in Russian and Eastern European Studies (ExpREES)

  • Expertise program of advanced studies (application every spring)
  • Network of twelve Finnish universities
  • Courses arranged collectively by the network universities

ExpREES is not a degree program, but:

  • The expertise studies are part of the student’s master’s degree.
  • Students are enrolled to their home universities and at the same time carry out the studies of ExpREES. ExpREES includes compulsory studies as well as optional courses on Russia and Easterm Europe arranged by the network universities, from which the students can choose the most suitable for themselves.
  • Student’s master’s thesis has to be related to Russia and/or Eastern Europe and it is written to student’s own university and faculty. ExpREES offers seminars for the students of the program which are designed to complement, student’s seminar in their home university.
  • Students graduate from their home university and get an additional certificate for completing the ExpREES program.

The objective of the ExpREES is to train experts who are specialized both in their own discipline as well as in Russia and Eastern Europe. The multidisciplinary approach of the ExpREES helps to give a wide perspective to the history, present and future of the area. Graduated students can work in different national and international organizations, do research related to Russia and Eastern Europe as well as pursuit career in the field of their own discipline. The program strives also to enhance students’ preparedness for the future by creating connections between the studies and work life.

The curriculum of the ExpREES is multidisciplinary compiling the courses of the network universities into a comprehensive entity from which the students can choose topics best suited to their own expertise. Besides coordinating the courses of the network universities ExpREES organizes summer schools, lecture courses, seminars to support students’ master’s thesis and study trips. ExpREES has also a student exchange program.

The work of the ExpREES is coordinated by the Aleksanteri Institute of the Helsinki University which functions as a national center of research, study and expertise pertaining to Russia and Eastern Europe, particularly in the social sciences and humanities. The ExpREES has been running since the 1998.