Global South Studies Minor

Global South Studies (25 cp)

The minor will cater for multidisciplinary learning and familiarize the student with Global South related studies offered at the various faculties of the University of Helsinki. It is open for students finalizing their bachelors or in their masters with a right to study at the University of Helsinki. The Global South minor course basket entails a variety of optional courses, plus one compulsory course called Introduction to Global South studies. UniPID- virtual courses can also be included.

Students choose courses from the basket according to their interests, however ensuring that the entity follows the criteria of multidisciplinary approach. The minor is offered in English. As such, it supports internalization and may be included into the English Master´s Programs.

Before starting the Global South Studies minor, please contact the coordinator of HUGS, to register as a GSS student, and make an individual study plan for your GSS minor. Please note that from April 2016 onwards, it will not be possible to start the GSS minor and register as a GSS student, until further notice.

After accomplishing the entity, a Global South minor student has learned about different approaches to development and to developing country research. She or he will master basics of the concepts used in development context, and has gained perspective to the complex and interdisciplinary nature of developing country research. The minor adds a Global South twist suiting one´s major.

The entity shall be compiled according to the following regulations:

  • Courses need to be taken from different disciplines, so that the 20 ECTS entity will include both humanities / social sciences (HS) and natural / life sciences (NL).
  • Courses should be taken on various campuses (minimum 2).
  • Max 10 ECTS can be UniPID-virtual courses.
  • Courses should not be part of student´s other study entities.

How to accept the study entity

The study entity registration form GS_Registration_form-2018  and the study transcript will be send to the staff member responsible for administering GSS minor, who will check the entity and forward it to registration.

For any inquiries, please contact Coordinator Martta Haveri,, Kruununhaka student services, tel. +358503119252 

The responsible Professor is Jari Valkonen, Department of Agricultural Sciences, Latokartanonkaari 7, room B144, tel. 02941 58387