Viikki Soil Science seminar gathers scientists and students of the campus to hear, learn and discuss of topics that focus on soils, their characteristics and processes, above-belowground interactions, interactions between soils and the environment, and various soil-related studies that span from molecular to global scales. The main aim is to share recent scientific findings and ideas, and connect people.

Introduction to speakers

Aim for big audience and prepare your presentation to suit general scientific audience. Spend time in explaining the importance of the work, the main findings and their implications.  Also, presentations of new ideas and starting up projects and networks are very welcome. Length of the presentation depends on the presentation type.

Everyone working on the campus is welcome to propose a presentation! Just contact one of the organizers.


Hannu Fritze (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Jussi Heinonsalo (Finnish Meteorological Institute/University of Helsinki)
Heljä-Sisko Helmisaari (University of Helsinki)
Pirkko Kortelainen (Finnish Environment Institute)
Paavo Ojanen (University of Helsinki)
Mari Pihlatie (University of Helsinki)