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About the pro­ject

The target groups of the project are individuals who are interested in developing and sustaining their rural communities, who are willing to consider socially enterprising solutions to assist their rural areas or individuals who already have an idea for social enterprise in rural areas, as well as individuals already engaged in social enterprise activity but wish to gain new skills, knowledge and expertise to assist them in their venture. Nearly 300 participants will be engaged in learning while participating in the actions of the project.

The project aims to enhance the ideas and methods to promote and support social entrepreneurship in rural areas by

  • creating an open access digital learning material and opportunities for rural communities and people to foster the knowledge and awareness of the social enterprises
  • supporting online learning experience of the development of social enterprises in rural environments with evaluated and piloted methods addressing local needs
  • enhancing the rural communities to better interact and exchange experiences and good practices with other communitiesregionally , nationally and internationally by a digital networking platform as well as by establishing an international network of rural social enterprises to exchange experiences, good practices and disseminate learning material created.

Project partners:

University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute (coordinator), Finland
The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE), Romania
Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU), Estonia
Nürtingen-Geislingen University (NGU), Germany
Inspiralba, Scotland