VITRI and the Zimbabwe AIDS Orphans Society

In Zimbabwe, VITRI is a partner in a forestry project managed by the Zimbabwe AIDS Orphans Society, a Finnish NGO, and its local partner, the Dzikwa Trust; see more at
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Representing VITRI, Prof. Olavi Luukkanen (now for the third time) visited the project site at Dzivarasekwa, a township of the city of Harare, and participated in the planning of new tree nursery and agroforestry demonstration site planning activities. Two MSc theses by students from our university have previously been completed in this project as part VITRI activities; currently, Heidi Haavisto, an agroecology student from Viikki, is in the process of doing the same, see Heidi’s blog at Continue reading

New cooperation with Chapingo Autonomous University (UACh), Mexico


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Prof. Markku Kanninen and researcher Adrián Monge visited the Chapingo Autonomous University (UACh) to meet members of the Division of Forest Sciences (DCF) and discuss the renovation and expansion of the Memorandum of Understanding between UACh and the University of Helsinki. As part of this cooperation, two exchange students from UACh will visit VITRI and the Dept. of Forest Sciences (UH) early next year and one student from Finland will later visit UACh in April or May 2016. In the meeting participated the Director of DCF Dr. Jorge Torres, the Prof. Hugo Ramírez and the university teachers Marcelo Zepada, Gabriel Rodrigues and Fileberto Sabala. Continue reading