Nile Basin Community Watershed Management Project (CWMP)

Nile Basin Community Watershed Management Project (CWMP) (2010-2014)

Coordinator: NIRAS/VITRI (Dept. Forest Sciences) consortium
Funding period: 2010 – 2014
Funding source: Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Partners: Sudan Ministry of Irrigation, Omdurman Islamic University


The project is implemented by a consortium formed by NIRAS and University of Helsinki/Dept. of Forest Sciences & VITRI. A programme of systematic capacity building and training aims at communities and the support of institutions using local academic and technical expertise in the design and implementation of curricula and programmes. Targeted demand-driven support to extension services is included.

Using evidence from the field is the basis for developing useable tools for practical watershed management – Community Watershed Management Plans (CWMP) and Community-based PartIcipatory Watershed Development Guidelines (CBPWDG). These are products of the Interaction between project capacity building and support to watershed management practices.

Each of the four selected sub-watersheds in the Nile River Basin will capture their development objectives and means of achieving them an unique CWMP. These in turn form the basis for the development of CBPWDG that guide future investment. The approach is Interdisciplinary and iIntegrated, and contributes to changing people’s livelihoods and quality of life.

A wide range of support activities are added to priority watershed management practices; they cut across natural resource and agricultural sectors so that the possible suite of support measures is extensive. Improvements will be identified that can be scaled up to greater numbers of households (and ultimately to other watersheds) and capitalise on the broad professional skills set of the team. The scope of these will be determined by the actual development needs and aspirations generated from CWMPs.