North-South-South Higher Education Exchange in Forest Sciences between Ethiopia, Sudan and Finland

Photo: Samuli Junttila

Photo: Samuli Junttila

Researcher in charge: Eshetu Yirdaw

Period: 2004 -2013


University of Helsinki, Department of Forest Ecology / VITRI (coordinator)
University of Khartoum, Faculty of Forestry, Sudan
Wondo Genet College of Forestry, Ethiopia


Center of International Mobility (CIMO), North-South-South Programme

Main aims

Exchange of staff and students between the three countries, and (from 2007 onwards) annual intensive courses in Sudan or Ethiopia mainly for participants from those countries on sustainable land management and production system rehabilitation using agroforestry as a tool, and on monitoring techniques for climate change and carbon sequestration in dryland agroforestry systems.

To provide students in the UH and partner institutions in the Sudan and Ethiopia with up-to-date information and methodologies in forestry so as to respond to the increasing challenge for sustainable management of forests and related natural resources under anticipated climate change.

To promote South-South cooperation during the intensive courses organized in Ethiopia and Sudan and by exposing Ethiopian and Sudanese exchange teachers and students arriving to Finland to methods and issues used and applied in other tropical regions.


Carry out student (3-6 months) and teacher (2-8 weeks) exchange between Finland, Ethiopia and Sudan.

Carry out one intensive course (of 2 weeks) in Ethiopia (2008) on tropical forest restoration and another in Sudan (2009) tree ecophysiology / carbon sequestration.

Links to other related projects

Supports present and planned cooperation in research and education between University of Helsinki and Sudanese and Ethiopian research and training institutes in forestry and related disciplines.