Developing Finnish Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation between Europe, Africa and the LAC Region (FinCEAL)

FinCEAL is an initiative by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture with the purpose of increasing support for Finnish researchers focusing on Africa and the Latin America and the Caribbean region.The Ministry has mandated UniPID (Finnish University Partnership for International Development) to coordinate the project in 2013 – 2014. The project is seeking to network the Finnish research and science community working with Africa and the LAC region through enhanced communication, and to increase the participation of Finnish experts in important bi-regional processes. FinCEAL focuses especially on supporting thematic research for the two regions; Africa – Food Security, Health, Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Information Society; LAC – ICT for Societal Challenges, Bioeconomy, Biodiversity and Climate Change, Renewable Energy, and Health. The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Support and consolidate participation of Finnish researchers and the science policy experts in bi-regional science policy dialogue and processes
  • Coordinate and network Finnish researchers and science policy experts working with Africa and the LAC regions.
  • Expand awareness of Finnish researchers in both regions; and
  • Highlight current Finnish research and scientific cooperation relevant to the regions

Through these objectives, the project brings together both researchers and science policy experts, strengthens the Finnish research capacity, consolidates the global responsibility of the Finnish higher education institutions, and increases the bi-regional interaction in the scientific community and business sectors. The project will provide Finnish HEI’s and experts with more influence on and funding possibilities for bi-regional research and education cooperation.

The FinCEAL Project Team and Steering Committee

The project activities are implemented by the coordinators of the Africa and LAC projects with the support of the UniPID Coordination Unit and the Principal Investigators Prof. Jeremy Gould, University of Jyväskylä and Prof. Markku Kanninen, University of Helsinki.

The FinCEAL Steering Committee acts as an advisory body for the project coordinators. The Steering Committee is comprised of the following members:

Chair: Satu Huuha-Cissokho, Academy of Finland

Academy of Finland: Ulla Ellmén
TEKES: Merja Hiltunen
Ministry for Foreign Affairs: Aki Enkenberg, Marianne Rönkä
Ministry of Education and Culture: Tiina Vihma-Purovaara
Ministry of Employment and Economy: Mari Hakkarainen
Arene ry: Tapio Varmola, Riitta Rissanen
Unifi ry: Seppo Hölttä
UniPID: Ea Blomqvist