Maarit Kallio

Maarit KallioViikki Tropical Resources Institute (VITRI)
Department of Forest Sciences
P.O. Box 27 (Latokartanonkaari 7)
FIN-00014, University of Helsinki Finland.
Room 537
Tel. +358 2941 58183 / +358 5044 88830
Fax +358 2941 58100


M.Sc. Agriculture & Forestry, University of Helsinki

D.Sc. Agriculture & Forestry, University of Helsinki


Post-Doc Researcher

Research area

Social forestry and livelihoods, plantation forestry, silviculture, forestry and climate change (REDD+)

On-going activities

Green Economy Transitions in the Least Developed Countries: Multi-scale Analysis of Energy and Forest Use in Laos and Cambodia (GET-LDC) (Project 2014-2018)

Environmental vulnerability, social resilience and multi-scale governance (ENVGOV) (Project 2015-2016)

Publication list