Combining growth models and multi-date satellite imagery inventory for improved carbon prediction of tropical forest (AccuCarbon)

The project in short

Development and demonstration of a pioneering service on the carbon storage of tropical forest to provide information on the emission or removal of forest carbon to support the MRV process of REDD+. AccuCarbon addresses the GFOI research priorities sensor interoperability and biomass estimation over the two Mexican provinces Durango and Chiapas.


VTT – Environmental Remote Sensing (project leader)

Subsecretario de Desarrollo Forestal Chiapas

Universidad de Juarez del Estado de Durango


The project web site at European Space Agency (ESA)

VITRI’s role

VITRI will use the CarboScen simulation tool to analyze forest carbon stock changes in the pilot study sites in the two Mexican provinces Durango and Chiapas.

VITRI’s team

Professor Markku Kanninen
Dr. Markku Larjavaara

Project duration

1 March 2015 – 28 February 2017