GET-LDC Final Seminars

GET-LDC Closing seminars in Vientiane and Phnom Penh

Green economy expectations in Laos and Cambodia are particularly relevant to the forest and energy sectors. Currently, forests form an essential part of rural livelihoods and the energy sector of these country. In addition, both Laos and Cambodia have a massive potential for utilizing renewable energy (such as solar, biomass and hydropower) to drive their economic growth, but they are now at the crossroads of how to integrate social and environmental sustainability in the process.

These dissemination events were organized by Finland Futures Research Centre (University of Turku) and Viikki Tropical Resources Institute (University of Helsinki) together with line ministries and local experts aimed to disseminate research results on the emerging issues related to Green Economy/Green Growth transitions in Lao PDR. The event was linked to the Finnish Academy funded research project “Green Economy Transitions in Least Developed Countries” (GET-LDC), which focuses on energy and forestry in Laos and Cambodia.

The results were well received by local experts and public officials who actively participated in the discussion sessions. The preliminary results of the project are presented below:

Vientiane Seminar

Phnom Penh

Seminar program Seminar program
Green Economy Transitions in the least Developed Countries

What is Sustainability Window Analysis?: Green growth productivity and efficiency gap – Experiences from ASEAN and Lao PDR

Resource Efficiency and Green Economic Sustainability Transition Evaluation of Sustainability Window and Green Growth Productivity Gap in Cambodia
Green Transitions in Cambodia,
Long-run transition
Laos and Myanmar?
Path Analysis

What is a Green economy? Case study on the transition towards a greener future in Laos

What is a Green economy? Case study on the transition towards a greener future in Cambodia
Renewable energy challenges and opportunities in Lao PDR Household Energy Use in Cambodia: A Field Survey Data Analysis

Enclaves as failures: Hydropower and current limits to the green economy in the Mekong region

Perceptions of change in Pursat and Kampong Cham Provinces

Summary of one national and four local-level studies in Laos: REDD+, forest and environmental income dependency

Renewable energy challenges and opportunities in Cambodia

Challenges and opportunities for renewable energy uptake in Cambodia