Young Filmmakers in MoViE

web-2Young Filmmakers in MoViE : Is there more in storytelling with digital technologies and mobile devices? Our work and research at Cicero Learningwith young people in schools shows that, yes, making digital stories is also making short films. This turns young storytellers into filmmakers as well.

Digital Storytelling: a cinematographic view

The Danish Poet by Torill Koven, 2006. Image © Mikrofilm AS and National Film Board of Canada.

The evolution of cinema and the birth of a new art form

Tom Perlmutter is Government Film Commissioner of the National Film Board of Canada.

Extract from an interview to D. Sarto about his role as NFB chairman and responsibilities:

Tom Perlmutter: First of all to be clear, it’s an unusual role which is not typically done these days.  I’m both Chairman of the board of trustees as well as the equivalent of the CEO.  The most critical and important role is providing the strategic vision of what direction we need to head in, where are we going to put our priorities and how are we going to get there.  Then, how we take our strategic vision and make it operational.  How do you actually make it work?  How do you use your resources effectively and efficiently, because they are both limited?  Because we are essentially government funded, through a parliamentary appropriation that is not indexed [for inflation], meaning we’re losing purchasing power [over time], we have to be effective in terms of how we use our dollars.  But all of that has to be in service of something.  It’s not simply that I’m there as an efficient manager.  It’s to provide a vision for this odd thing [the NFB] which doesn’t exist anywhere else.  It’s a production and distribution studio that happens to be publicly owned. And that drives the job.

Source: Animation World Network



Digital storytelling and transformative learning spaces

Students’ digital stories as objects of study

What does digital storytelling mean for teaching and learning? Is it another disruptive ephemeral technological fad? Or does it signal a new everydayness in schools?

These are themes that our ongoing study on the digital storytelling experience tackles with. In the study we aim to unlock teachers’ meanings of the integration of the digital in the pedagogical meeting across countries. To do so, we look into the stories resulting from semi-structured interviews of teachers and analyze emergent themes within a phenomenological standpoint.

Preliminary findings were presented 17.05.2013 at the Teacher Education and Policies in Education International conference, hosted at the University of Helsinki.

Definition of digital storytelling resulting from thematic analysis
Definition of digital storytelling resulting from thematic analysis
Wrapping up discussion on preliminary findings

Illusion of change – technoidealism?

based on A Day Made of Glass: Same Day. by Corning

glass optic fibre 

ubiquitous connectivity

the representative institutions of actual human life


incarnations of an alien reality

middle class integrated tech

uniformity, homogeneity, diversity amplified

vision translated

salvation untruthful

ornament of discourse

dead metaphor

Life made of fiber-optic glass


Technological Idealism?