Sample Countries Determined

An important step towards the realization of the FACE survey, we have now determined its country composition. In total 10.000 adult Finnish citizens whose mother tongue registered in the Finnish population register is Finnish or Swedish will be invited to participate in the survey. Out of these ten thousand, 1.500 are living in Sweden, and 500 in the USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Spain, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, Estonia, Belgium, Austria and Israel, respectively. If you are a Finnish citizen living in one of these countries, and your mother tongue registered in Finland is either Finnish or Swedish, watch your mail in May. Our research invitation might be coming your way! The remaining 500 invitations will be sent to a random sample in the rest of the countries worldwide.

43 % of adult Finnish citizens abroad live in Sweden (ca. 110.000). This is why more invitations are sent to prospective participants in Sweden than elsewhere. The rest of the states in our list constitute the top-16 of countries with adult Finnish citizen residents. There are more than a thousand people living in each of these countries who are eligible in the upcoming Finnish parliamentary elections. The sample, including the postal addresses, will be provided by the Finnish Population Register Centre.