New websites for prospective postgraduate (PhD) students launched

The University of Helsinki has updated its website for postgraduate applicants as well as published a brand new website – a checklist – for new postgraduate students.

It is probably good to start off by defining who the University of Helsinki sees as a postgraduate (PhD) student as the definition might be different from some other parts of the world.A postgraduate applicant/PhD student in Finland is someone who has a higher academic degree from a higher education institution: i.e. the student is a Master’s degree holder. The duration of the completed Master’s degree (including undergraduate and graduate studies) has been at least four to five years of full-time study. The Master’s degree must also include a Master’s thesis.

The new website for postgraduate applicants contains general information on PhD studies and the application process. The site also contains links to the postgraduate websites of the different Faculties at the University of Helsinki where the application procedures of the respective Faculties are explained. The procedures and admissions requirements may vary from one Faculty to another.

The new checklist for newly-admitted postgraduate students includes information that a newly admitted postgraduate student should know including information on steps that should be completed before and after arrival in Finland.