No housing offer yet?

No flat before arriving in Helsinki?

If you need a temporary housing in Helsinki you can try booking a bed from CheapSleep hostel for prize 22e/night. The beds can be reserved on beforehand or onsite via hostel’s web site by using special booking codes.

If you want to book the bed before arriving to Helsinki please use booking code “STUDENT”.

NOTE: Hostel’s booking calendar will show the beds available only after you have typed in the booking code in the box on the right corner of the page.

Find a flat, Mate!

30 August, 16.00-19.00, Think Corner, Aleksanterinkatu 7

Find a flat, Mate! is an event for international students looking for an apartment and for landlords looking for a reliable tenant for a longer or shorter period of time. This event is targeted to the international students who have faced difficulties in finding a place to stay in Finland and also for people who are looking for a new tenant, subtenant, flat mate or simply want to offer a place to stay overnight.

The goal is to share information about how to find a flat in Finland and to find solutions for acute housing problems. Lyyra, HOAS, Forenom, Ne-Rå Councelling centre and CheapSleep hostel are also present to share first hand tips about housing in Finland.

HOAS on Facebook

HOAS customer service is also on Facebook with up-to-date information about the housing situation.