100 days to the run!

Since it was so fun last year, the students, staff and other supporters of the University of Helsinki are taking part in the Midnight run happening on August 30th again! If you are planning to be in Helsinki at the time, join us!


Let us know on the Facebook event if you are planning to join us and take part in this running party.

What is the Midnight Run?

The Midnight run is a Rio carnival-inspired 10 km run. Last year more than 10 thousand runners ran along the nightly streets of Helsinki. Many more thousands went out to support them and enjoy the festive atmosphere created by musicians, artists and unconventionally-dressed happy people taking part in the masquerade.

If you are a professional runner, running to keep fit or just to clear your head, any other type of runner or even a non-runner, you are welcomed to join us anyway! There are 11 starting groups in the Midnight run according to the estimated running time so you will find the pace that suits you best. Most of the team UH will run in the group 4A (estimated time 55.00-59.59 min), but we will all meet before and after the run as well.

Registration information on the Midnight Run web page.

The group runs and Endomundo challenge over the summer

In fact, if you are in Helsinki already and want to have a company for getting ready for the run, fill in the questionnaire by June 1st, so that we can take your preferences in account when we organize the group runs over the summer. This is a chance also for all the non-runners to change their status.

You can also join the Endomondo challenge wherever you are at the moment and get in shape for the run and win some nice prizes at the same time. The challenge begins on June 1st.

Text: Dina Nitisa, International student ambassador