A roof over your head in Finland!

Come spring all the lucky and talented students who had applied at the University of Helsinki will receive their acceptance letters. Congratulations! We will be so glad to have you here with us. Go on, accept your study place and book your tickets for the incredible journey you are about to begin. But remember to apply for housing well ahead in time so that you may have a roof over your head (place to stay?) when you begin your studies in fall.

HOAS (www.hoas.fi ) is one of the largest organisations which provide apartments to students. There are several types of apartments, but the most common and the easiest to get is a room in a shared apartment. The rent depends on the size and location of the place, but generally quite affordable compared to apartments available in the private market.

The room you get is UNFURNISHED and you have the liberty to furnish it according to your taste and preference. You can either purchase your furniture from the recycling centre, or if you prefer new ones, IKEA is always an option. The apartment also includes a kitchen and bathroom, which is to be shared with two or three other flatmates.  You don’t have to worry about electricity and water bills, as it is already included in the rent, and there are additional services such as internet, laundry facilities, and common storage spaces which are free of cost as well. Sauna to Finland is what wine is to Bordeaux. So, while in Finland you also get free sauna at the student apartments. That’s some good news isn’t it?  Make this place your home for the duration of your studies and the memories will stay with you forever!

So fellas, enjoy the few months left at home, while a new beginning awaits you.  And I’ll meet you at the welcome fair. Hei hei!

Text: International Student Ambassador Pinky Dutta